Wednesday, February 3, 2021

How to mark wool backgrounds


It looks like we are in for about a week of very cold temps.  We could complain about the unseasonably cold temps but we prefer to put a silver lining spin and consider bone chilling temps as an opportunity to snuggle in our favorite throw and stitch.  This week we want to feature a couple of great take along projects perfect for snuggling weather.  

The first is Apple Orchard.  It's a fun little project and a fun way to practice several embroidery stitches.  Your $17.95 kit includes the pattern, wool and cotton backing fabric.  Wools will vary from those pictured.  Finishes 6 1/2" x 6 1/2".  If you'd prefer to use your own materials, we have patterns available for $6.50.
As you can see on the project above, a pretty vine has been stitched in the border on black wool.  We are often asked the best way to mark stitching lines on wool.  We've tried many methods but our new favorite involves a product found in the paper goods aisle of your grocery store.  "Liberty" was the perfect piece to test out our newly found method.   
We picked up a box of Press 'n Seal at our local grocery store.  That product along with an ink pen (some say to use a fine tipped Sharpie but we found it tended to smear) was all we needed. 
You can approach marking the stitching lines one of two ways.  If you used a plastic overlay to help place your wool pieces on your background wool, lay a sheet of Press 'n Seal over the pattern and trace the stitching lines.  Then lay the Press 'n Seal on top of the wool piece.  Use your hand to press in place.

If, like us, you just eye balled placement of the wool on the background, lay your Press 'n Seal on top of the wool piece and free hand the stitching lines.  Once you have the lines marked, press in place with your hand.

Now you're ready to stitch on the drawn lines.  Your stitches should be slightly smaller than normal since you will be removing the Press 'n Seal from around the stitching and don't want to distort the stitching. 
Once stitching is complete, carefully remove the Press 'n Seal.  Here's the finished product. 
We free handed the embellishing stitches on our flowers but you could also use Press 'n Seal to mark any additional stitching if you feel uncomfortable about placement. 
"Liberty" kits are still available.  Your $36.95 kit includes the pattern, wool (background and applique are wool) and cotton backing fabric.  The finished piece will fit in a large metal tray.  The metal trays are back in stock for $46.95.  Please call the shop at 479-372-7403 to place your order for the tray.  The mat finishes 12" x 21".
If you've been on the fence about whether to purchase Kay's "Nestled in the Woods" or "Cabins in the Cabin" kit, we need to let you know we are down to our last 3 of each kit.  Once these are gone, we won't be able to make more kits.  

Your $139.95 kit for Nestled in the Woods includes Diamond Textiles homespun fabrics to make the quilt top and binding. Backing fabric is not included in the kit. Quilt finishes 78 1/2" x 87 1/2".  

Pattern is not included in the kit. The pattern is in the Fall 2020 issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine.

Your $64.95 Cabin in the Cabins kit includes the fabrics for the top, binding and wool for applique. Quilt finishes 42 1/2" x 42 1/2".  Some fabrics and wools will be substituted as some of the fabrics and wools used in the original quilt are out of print. We have chose close substitutes.

The pattern is not included in the kit but is available in the winter issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine for $9.99.

This week for our "when it's gone, it's gone" section, we are featuring two very different items.  The first is a nice heavy weight door mat.  We removed it from the packaging to take a photo and didn't take the time to let it relax.  It will lay flat -- we have the exact same mat in the shop.  The mat is 18" x 30".  $23.95

Please e-mail to reserve.  
The second item we have in kit for one of our previous blocks of the month.  Your $120 "Simply Joy" kit includes the Sew Graceful Quilting exclusive pattern, background cottons, wool for applique, borders and binding.  Please note the plaid border is not available so we have substituted a nice stripe for the border.  

Please e-mail the shop at to reserve your kit.
See you soon!

Darlene and Debby

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