Tuesday, January 25, 2022

One more Diamond Textile Fat Quarter Bundle left


It's hard to believe this is the last newsletter for Jan 2022......seems like just a few days ago we were turning the calendar to the new year.  

Last year we announced our Diamond Fat Quarter Bundle of the Month program.  Unfortunately, one person is not going to be able to participate so we have an opening.  

As a reminder, you'll receive 8 Diamond Textile fat quarters per month for 12 months.  Some may be discontinued and one of a kind pieces.  To join, please e-mail info@sewgracefulquilting.com.  There is no sign up or registration fee.  We will put you on our automatic ship (or pick up) list and reserve a bundle for you.     
Below is a sampling of Diamond fabric in case you aren't familiar with the fabrics. 
To get you in the mood for spring, we are featuring a cute quilt using a nice variety of Kim Diehl fabrics with a small amount of wool.  Your $34.95 "Petal Rolls" kit includes the Little Quilts in the Coop Booklet Three, fabrics for the quilt top, wool for applique and binding.  The quilt finishes 24" x 28".  

If you'd prefer to use your own supplies, the book is available for $12.95.
We are down to just a handful of kits for our Bee Humble kit.  Your $21.95 kit includes Simply vintage magazine #27 with the pattern and the tea towel. The hanger is sold separately.
This week for our "when it's gone, it's gone" section we are featuring a kit by Red Button.  Your $24.95 "Let it Snow" kit includes the pattern to make the wall hanging and ornament, fabrics, wool and snowman buttons.  Finishes 9 1/2" x 11 1/2".  

Please e-mail info@sewgracefulquilting.com to place your order.

Hope to see you soon.
Debby and Darlene

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Thread options


The recent inclement weather reminded us to let you know if the Rogers school are closed, we are closed.  If you have any doubts as to whether we are open, please call before you come.  We have several hills to negotiate to get to the shop so are more than content to stay home during snow or ice.  

We were so super excited to get our advance charm packs of Blackbird Designs' new line, Threads that Bind.  The fabric and fat quarter bundles are projected to arrive mid-March but we all know that will more than likely be delayed weeks, if not months.  

Since we were able to get only 12 charms packs, we are limiting orders to one bundle per person.  Each charm pack contains 42 - 5" squares of fabric.  $10.99 each

Please e-mail info@sewgracefulquilting.com to place your order.
This week we are featuring a cute quilt that would be appropriate for the entire winter season.  Your $32.95 "Cardinal Quilt" kit contains the pattern, fabrics to make the quilt and binding.  The quilt does not contains any wool.  It finishes 20" x 20".  

The pattern includes patterns for two additional quilts.  
Last week we shared photos of an applique quilt Kay is making and mentioned she was trying Auriful size 80 thread for applique.  After a week of working with it, she told us she gave a "big thumbs up".  She said she's used YLI 100 weight silk for many years but began to wonder about the long-term implications of using silk since it is stronger than the quilting cottons.  Using silk helped her hide her stitches but she found the same result can be obtained using the 80-weight cotton thread.   She also found it was much less "slippery" than silk and it wasn't necessary to tie the thread to the needle to prevent unthreading.  All threads occasionally tangle but getting a knot or tangle out of cotton thread is much less frustrating than trying to get one out of silk thread.  

Since applique often involves using a thread in a variety of threads, we checked into getting thread assortments.  We are able to order an assortment of 80-weight thread in a rainbow of colors.  You'll receive one 300-yd spool of 45 colors.  Our distributor is sold out of assortments as of today, but a shipment is expected by month's end.  $299.95
If you'd prefer a smaller collection, you may want to consider the collection curated by Liza Lucy and Kim McLean.  This collection contains 20 spools of 80-weight with 300 yards per spool.  $156.95
Another option is Sarah Felke's collection.  80-weight, 20 spools containing 300 yards per spool  $156.95
This week for our "when it's gone, it's gone" section we are featuring an out of print pattern set by Australian designer Rosalie Quinlan.  The set includes 7 individually packaged patterns to make a darling 48" x 48" quilt.  $39.95

We have only one pattern set.  Please e-mail info@sewgracefulquilting.com to place your order.

Hope to see you soon.
Debby and Darlene

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Stitcher's Priority


Last week we thoroughly enjoyed reading all the comments we received about the shop photos we included in the newsletter.  We are often humbled and overtaken with joy when we hear from you, our loyal friends.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us for so many years.

This week we are starting with a project that makes us smile each time we look at it.  A few of you may remember seeing it at a show last year.  Kay took it to the show and sold out of kits in a few hours.  It's taken months to get the supplies needed to make more kits.  

Your $29.95 "Stitcher's Priority" kit includes the pattern, fabrics for the top, buttons, wool and binding.  it finishes 13 3/4" x 17 3/4".  

Probably several can relate to the sentiment stitched on it - the garden's overgrown, my house is untidy, my hair is a mess, but you should see what I've sewn.
We have two kits left for Dawn Heese's "Peace Hope Love" quilt.  Your $111.95 kit includes Simply Vintage #41 which contains the pattern, fabrics for the quilt top and binding.  The quilt finishes 52" x 52".  
As many of you know, Kay is our resident applique expert.  She has used 100 wt silk thread for hand applique for many years.  Recently she was given several spools of Aurifil size 80 thread to try.  We will update you next week with her thoughts on silk versus the Aurifil size 80 thread.  

In the interim, here is a portion of the quilt border.
This week for our "when it's gone, it's gone" section we are featuring our last kit for Merry and Bright.  The kit includes the pattern, fabric for the top and binding.  Finishes 19" x 25".  $19.95

Please e-mail info@sewgracefulquilting.com to place your order.

We are back to our normal opening hours Thurs and Sat 9:00-3:00.  Hope to see you soon.
Debby and Darlene

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Welcome 2022!


We are open and eager for you to visit us and see how we have spiffed up the shop.  We realize many of you aren't in the local area so we will share some photos.  Our area by the entrance features snowmen.  We aren't a big fan of snow but do love stitching winter themed and snowman projects.  
One of our favorite snowmen projects is Kay's "In the Meadow".  She designed it to fit in a large metal tray but it would be equally cute used as a table mat.  We have a couple of the trays available.  $46.95

Your $39.95 In the Meadow kit includes the background flannel, wool for applique, buttons, backing fabric and wool binding. It finishes 12" x 21 1/2".

Our area in the back corner now features fall projects.  We are very low in stock on many of the projects so if you see something that you want more info about, please e-mail info@sewgracefulquilting.com.
Our mustard cupboard features our remaining Yazzi bags and several of Kay's patterns.  She designed Friends for Life as another option for the metal tray.  

Your $36.95 kit for "Friends for Life" includes the pattern, background cotton, wool for applique, backing fabric and rick rack.  Finishes 12" x 21 1/2"
We took the reorganzing opportunity to tidy up the top of our fabric shelves.  Below are random photos of displays.
We have carried Quiltmania magazines for many years.  Judging by the response from many of our readers, you enjoy the magazines as much as us.  If you are accustomed to purchasing your Quiltmania magazines at one of the big box stores, you may be disappointed to learn the distributor for the big box stores for the magazines has filed bankruptcy.  

If you want to be sure you don't miss a single issue, you may want to consider a subscription through Sew Graceful.  Please e-mail info@sewgracefulquilting.com or call 479-372-7403 to sign up.  We will take your info and make sure you don't miss one single issue.  

We have a few of the most current issues available:  #146 Quiltmania - $14.99, #41 Simply Vintage - $18.99
This week for our "when it's gone, it's gone" section we are featuring a wool applique kit designed by Sew Cherished .  We have a couple kits of "1800 St Nick" left - $34.95 each.  Kits include the pattern, tea towel and wool for applique. 

Please e-mail info@sewgracefulquilting.com to place your order.

See you soon.
Debby and Darlene