Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Dreaming of cooler weather

Are you feeling like us?  Tired of heat and humidity, dreaming of cooler days, thinking a plate of cold watermelon for dinner sounds better than anything cooked.......we know the weather will soon change and we'll be longing for warmer days so we will just smile and enjoy our hot and humid summer.

Each year we offer a $10 block of the month.  We plan and cut and sew and stitch and package most of the summer so we can start it promptly in January.  There's only four of us to do all that planning, cutting, sewing, stitching packaging, and occasionally we make an oops.  We made a big oops with the July Wooly Sheep block -- we forgot to include a piece of navy wool for the sheep blanket.  Unless you tell us otherwise, we will include the navy wool with your August block.  If you're eager to get your July block stitched now, let us know and we'll get the missing piece to you immediately.

While we're on the subject of shortages, if you ever get a kit from us and are short please let us know.  If you're short, there's a strong possibility everyone is going to be short.  We would rather know and fix the error -- kind of like when someone has food on their's uncomfortable to tell them but everyone is happier once it's out in the open.

Below are photos of past $10 blocks of the month.  Very fun to look back and realize we've been doing this for 5 years.
When we saw "Snow Buttons" at quilt market we knew it must come home with us.  Our friend, Jane H, made the sample and we think it's just darling.  We added some simple hand quilting in the border.  Your $24.95 kit includes the pattern, buttons, fabric for the top, binding, and backing fabric.  The quilt finishes 10" x 12".   
If you'd prefer to use your own fabrics, we have the pattern with the button pack for $12.95.  If you've got another idea for the cute buttons, we have the 12-pack of buttons for $4.95.  Here's a close up shot of some of the buttons so you can see the detail.
Many stores have Christmas in July events but we've honestly been too busy to even think about doing any sort of holiday promotion.  In lieu of a holiday project, how about a project that will stitch up in plenty of time for holiday gift giving?  Your "Pocketful of Posies" kit includes the pattern with stitch diagrams, Primitive Gatherings' flannel, and wool for applique.  The kit is $16.95; if you'd prefer to use your own materials the pattern is $9.
Our shipment of Raven books by Blackbird Designs arrived yesterday.  If you're on the waiting list, Debby is processing your order.  We have extra copies -- let us know if we can reserve a copy for you.  $28
Darlene is back from a much deserved vacation.  Debby is walking in her new boot which replaced her cast.  We are putting together some ideas for next year and can't wait to share.  Meanwhile, we hope you're finding some time for yourself.

See you soon.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Millefiori quilts

We'll begin with an administrative note.  If you want to call us for the next week, please call Debby at 479-531-7874.  Darlene is taking a very well deserved vacation.  We're pretty sure she will be doing some quilty things but can't say for sure.  
Our shipment of Primitive Quilts & Projects arrived.  If you're on automatic ship, yours is already in the mail.  If you'd prefer to browse the magazine, we have extra copies in the shop.  We expect this issue will be especially popular because it contains the first of a 3-part project by Maggie Bonanomi.

If you'd like to be sure you get a copy, please call Debby at 479-531-7874 or e-mail us at
We also received our copies of Quiltmania #114.  As usual, it's a great issue with many pages of inspiration.  If you'd like us to reserve a copy, please let us know.  $13.99
We know several of you are working on your Passacaglia quilt using Willyne Hammerstein book.  Quiltmania will have Willyne's quilt on exhibit at the International Quilt Festival in Houston this fall.  Carol is looking for 20 other quilts to exhibit.  If you'd like more information, you can visit

Meanwhile, if you'd like a copy of either of Willyne's books let us know and we'll reserve a copy for you.  Each is $45.95
We have a couple more onsies to share. "Cuppa Spring" features a cup made of wool with flowers. Your $18.95 kit includes the pattern, fabric, wool, and binding. Flowers are embroidered and corner squares are fussy cut. Finishes 18" X 18".
"Autumn Leaves" will be perfect to decorate your fall table. It finishes 25"x50".  Your $24.95 kit includes the pattern, fabrics for the top and binding.

Please note the table runner is actually a nice golden color.  For some reason the photo kept coming out yellow......we are just thankful we don't have to make a living with our photos because we fall short on photography skills. 
We hope you're enjoying your summer.  We'll be back next week with more to inspire you.

See you soon.

Darlene and Debby

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Onsies and Twosies

We are back from another great show.  The ladies from the Edmond quilt guild treated us like we were royalty.  We especially enjoyed the chocolate they offered throughout the day.  The quilts were beautiful and inspired us to come home and create.

Welcome to all the new readers who signed up at the show.  We're happy you decided to join us each week.

As we unpacked we realized we have only one or two kits for several of our samples.  So we decided to offer these onesies and twosies to you this week.  Since quantities are very limited, we've removed them from our website so you'll need to e-mail us if you'd like a kit (or two).  Our e-mail is

"A Day Spent Sewing" by Lynette Anderson is $19.95.  Kit contains the pattern, fabrics for the top, black wool for embellishing the tongues, and binding.
Our version of "Daffodil Delight" finishes 13" x 19 1/2".  We reduced the pattern (you'll need to reduce your pattern also) to make this a nice size wall hanging.  Your $36.95 kit includes the pattern, background fabric, wool for applique, and binding.
"Friendship Tree" finishes 24" x 26".  Your $24.95 kit includes the pattern, background fabric, wool for applique, border fabrics, and binding.
Debby stitched "Snowmen by the Dozen" and finished the blocks into a quilt.  Your $38.95 kit includes the pattern, stitchery background, borders, finishing instructions, and binding.  Quilt finishes 34" x 42 1/2".
"The Bird Tree" is a beautiful example of how fun it is to use a variety of fabrics to create a work of art.  Your $64.95 kit includes the pattern, background fabrics, applique fabrics, borders, and binding.  Please note, the berries on the tree are wool.  If you'd prefer cotton, we're happy to swap the wool for cotton.  Quilt finishes 56" x 68".
We have more onsies to share but will save some for future newsletters.

The Winter Sampler block of the month started this week.  All orders have been processed.  If you don't receive yours in the next couple of days, please give us a call as it's possible there was a problem with your credit card.

If you've not signed up for the block of the month and would like to do so, please call Darlene at 479-372-7403.  The program runs for 12 months and includes the pattern, background fabrics, fabrics and wool for applique, borders, and binding.  $24.95 per month
Before we close we just have to share a photo we took at the show in Edmond.  Isn't this a fun way to carry your quilt show fun money?!
We've began working on fall themed projects and think you'll like what we will be sharing in future newsletters.  The summer is passing much too quickly -- kids will be in school in about a month.  Yikes, where did the time go?!

See you soon.

Darlene and Debby

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Scraps of My Life

What incredibly odd weather to usher in July!  It rained so hard on Sunday that we had to make a quick run to the shop to dig out our little trenches to move the water to keep the shop from flooding.  The grass is normally looking a little tired by this time of year but it looks very healthy which means lots more mowing.

We ended our newsletter last week by saying we were hopeful we'd have a wonderful new pattern to share with you.  Good news!  We have a wonderful new pattern to share.  "Scraps of my Life" has many of the things we love to stitch:  sheep, birds, flowers, get the's filled with everything that's just us.  It is made entirely of Diamond Textile fabrics -- we are working to get all the fabrics to make our sample.  The quilt finishes 47" x 51 1/2" but could easily be made larger by adding more borders.

We are planning to offer this is a block of the month later this year but in the interim wanted to offer you the pattern.  We'll keep you posted on our progress.

If you're planning to be at the Edmond show, we'll have patterns in our booth.  If you're not planning to attend the show, Debby will have a few copies at the shop.  We're happy to reserve a copy for you.  $28 - 32 pages with full size templates
Darlene recently finished "Follow me to Bethlehem" and we love how it looks.  Your $32.95 kit includes the pattern, background flannel, wool for applique, and binding.  It finishes 10 1/2" x 33 1/2".  If you start now, you'll have plenty of time to get it finished before Christmas.
The fall issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects should arrive soon.  If you're on automatic to receive a copy, we'll process your order as soon as we receive the magazine.  If you're not and would like to be, give us a call (479-372-7403) or e-mail ( and we'll get you set up.  This issue is particularly special to us because Kay and her niece, Erin, have a project in it. 
"What a Hoot" finishes 15 1/2" x 15 1/2" so is the perfect size to fit on an Ackfeld table stand.  If you'd like to preorder a kit, let us know.  Your $19.95 kit includes the background fabric, wool for applique, borders, and binding.  You will need to purchase the magazine for the pattern.

Photo courtesy of Primitive Quilts and Projects. 
Darlene and Kay are vending in Edmond; Debby and Erin will have the shop open regular hours.  If you'd like more info about the show, visit Edmond Quilt Guild   If you'd like to visit our website and place an order go to Sew Graceful Quilting

We'll be back with more fun and exciting projects next week.  See you soon.

Darlene and Debby