Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Door hangers

There's lots of reasons to love living in NW Arkansas but one of our favorites is the four seasons we experience here.  As we transition from summer to fall, flowers seem to pop up everywhere.  We realize most of them are probably nothing but weeds in the technical sense of flowers but we love them anyway.  We enjoyed these during an early morning walk this week.
Speaking of seasons.....isn't it fun to decorate with seasonal items?  These seasonal door hangers are the perfect way to dress up a door without investing a lot of time and money.  Each door hanger kit includes background wool, wool for applique, backing fabric and buttons.  Kits are only $9.95 each.  The pattern (pictured below) is sold separately and includes patterns for all four seasons.  The pattern is $12.

We are putting together the winter door hanger and will be happy to reserve a kit for you.  Just send an e-mail ( and we'll hold one.
Our shipment of the fall issue of Simply Vintage arrived this week.  Debby has processed your order if you're on automatic to receive it.  We have a few issues left so please let us know if we can reserve a copy for you.  It's full of great fall inspired projects.  $17.99
We were very excited to receive our shipment of Jo Morton's so pretty.  We have cut fat quarters and have bundles ready for you. 38 fat quarters per bundle - $104.50 per bundle.  If you're considering a bundle, please don't wait long as they're selling pretty quickly.

Please note - your bundle will not have the ruler ribbon.  We cut our fat quarters ourselves; the only way to get the Moda ruler ribbon is to buy precut fat quarters from Moda.  We do, however, have some cute ruler ribbon without the Moda logo -- let us know if you'd like info about it.

We also have Jo yardage and will be happy to cut whatever you'd like - $9.95 per yard.
We can't leave without a peek at a new fall project.  It's the perfect size for a quick fall inspired project.  It'll be quilted and ready to share next week.  We should have kits ready next week.
If you're planning to be at the Springfield show in a couple of weeks and would like us to bring an item(s) for you, please let us know by Monday, Sep 5.  Kay will be packing the car Monday and can add it to all the other great goodies we're bringing.

See you again next Thursday.

Darlene and Debby

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

We are inspired

Our year has passed so quickly it's been a blur.  We took a vacation day yesterday and celebrated by visiting the American Made exhibit at Crystal Bridges.  If you haven't had an opportunity to visit, you have a few weeks as the exhibit closes Sep 19.  The exhibit contains items on loan from the American Folk Art Museum and is well worth the $10 admission.  For more info, you can visit Crystal Bridges

Sometimes a visit to a place filled with inspiration is all we need to get us inspired.  We hope you feel inspired each week when you read our newsletter or when you stop by the shop.  We try to keep things updated and fresh.

This week we are sharing what we think is one of the cutest Christmas designs we've seen in a long while.  Tiny Ornaments finishes 6 1/2" x 6 1/2" so is the perfect size to fit on an Ackfeld stand.  Your $14.95 kit includes the pattern, wool, background fabric, buttons, rick rack, and binding.......yeah......all for $14.95.
We also found a few more Mini Around the Pumpkin Patch patterns so have made more kits.  Your $24.95 kit includes the pattern, fabrics for the top, wool for applique, binding, and mini buttons for the border.  It finishes 16" x 19" so is small enough you can do some simple quilting and have it ready in time for the upcoming fall season.

The first photo is of the overall quilt.  The second photo shows the buttons which are sewn on the border.
While we're on the subject of inspiration, we'd like to share a couple packs of Lynette Anderson's raw wood tags.  Each pack is only $13.50 and contains 6 tags.  Please note, the buttons are wood and should not be immersed in water.

Let us know if we can reserve a pack (or two) for you of either Little Inspiration and/or Wise Words.
We are gearing up for our fall vending schedule which entails lots of cutting and packaging.  Recently several people who were at the shop stitching commented they see us walk out the back door empty handed and walk back through the door carrying all sorts of treasures.  They were very curious as to just what was behind that back we took them on a tour of our warehouse.  When we had the addition built to our shop we thought there was absolutely no way under the sun we'd ever fill it. Unfortunately, we are bursting at the seams and throwing around ideas as to how to add on again....... when you see us dashing back and forth through the back door just remember we are gathering raw materials to make treasures to inspire you.
Mark your calendar for the 29th annual quilt show in conjunction with Little Balkans days in Pittsburgh, KS.  The show is Friday Sep 2 (9-6) and Saturday Sep 3 (9-4) at Memorial Auditorium, 503 N Pine.  Admission is $5.  For more info, visit Little Balkans Quilt Show

The Ozark Piecemakers Quilt Show is in Springfield MO.  Hours Sep 8 and 9 are 9:00-5:00 and Sep 10 from 9:00-4:00.  The show location has changed to the Ozark Empire Fairground E*Plex, 3001 N Grant Ave.  Admission is $8. For more info, visit Ozark Piecemakers

We will be back next Thursday with more to inspire you.  See you soon.

Darlene and Debby

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Judging by the number who have stopped by the shop or ordered on line we believe this cooler weather has everyone in the mood to create.  We have to admit playing with wool isn't nearly as appealing when it's 95 degrees outside but with temps in the 80s we are ready to dig in our wool and sew.

Debby has been keeping up with the Bits by Joan angel series.  We thought spring was cute, summer was darling, but autumn is over the top great.  Of course, we love the rich autumn colors so we might be just a little bit biased.

Your $14.95 Autumn Angel kit includes the pattern, background cotton, and wool for applique.  The thread isn't included but we'd be happy to put together a thread kit for you.  Just let us know.
In case you missed it, here's the summer and spring angels.  Each kit is $14.95 and includes pattern, background cotton, and wool for applique.  All three angels finish the same size.  If you'd prefer to use your own supplies, each pattern is available for $7.
We are working on the Winter Angel and will have kits in the next couple of weeks.  If you'd like to be sure to get a winter kit, please e-mail (  Ours will possibly (probably) look a little different but you get the idea.
We are very pleased to be able to take pre-orders for Norma Whaley's new Quiltmania book.  We have known Norma for a long time and have been a huge fan of her work since she began designing.  Several years ago we hosted a trunk show of her work and have offered several of her projects as blocks of the month in the past.

The book should be out mid to late October.  If you'd like to reserve a copy, please let us know.  We expect it'll be a best seller so don't hesitate if you'd like a copy of the first printing.  $42.95
Reiko Kaito also has a new book coming out this fall.  "The New Adventures of Sue & Billy" looks like another inspiration filled book.  Let us know if you'd like to reserve a copy.  $42.95
The fall issue of Simply Vintage should ship next week.  If the cover is any indication of what's inside, it's going to be another great issue.  If you're interested in making the quilt in the upper left corner, we have the perfect background fabric.  It's not the same fabric Missy used when making the original but has the same primitive look.

If you're on automatic to receive Simply Vintage, you don't need to take any action -- we'll take care of everything.  If you'd like to be sure you never miss an issue, e-mail or call us and we'll get you set up.  If you like to pick and choose issues to buy and would like the fall issue, let us know.  $17.99
We've got more to share but this is getting long so we will close and be back next week with more to inspire you.  Hope to see you soon.

Darlene and Debby

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Raven quilt is coming along

Sometimes we have to stop and wonder just where the summer months went.  It seems like just a few weeks ago the kids got out for summer break; they return to school next week.  The start of school brings back happy memories of a new beginning, of new clothes and the wonderful smell of new school supplies. With the start of school, the holiday season can't be far off.

Since the holiday season is right around the corner, we thought we'd share something that would make a nice gift for both quilters who piece and those who applique.  A stiletto is very useful to help guide fabric to the feed dogs on the machine.  If you do any invisible machine applique, you'll find a stiletto useful to tuck in any piece of fabric that's become unruly.

Each stiletto card below has a number in the upper right corner (beginning with 1 on the left and continuing to 8).  Please order your choice by emailing ( or calling 479-372-7403 and referring to the number.  Each is only $12 -- we can easily reorder so if you need gifts for all your friends just let us know. 

Many of you are eagerly awaiting photos of our version of "The Raven" by Blackbird Designs.  Kay has the center blocks well underway and is designing the border.  The blocks finish at 20" square.  We are using a Jo Morton fabric for sashing between the blocks.  Jo fabric won't ship until later this month so we're in limbo for sewing the blocks together.  We need to add berries to several blocks and a star on block 2 appears to be missing (oops!).  Kay will get those things taken care of soon.

We expect the border will finish around 9 1/2" which will make the quilt roughly 87" x 87".  Sorry to be so elusive but we are designing as we work on the project.  Cost is $24.95 per month for 11 months.  We anticipate starting this block of the month in October.

Unfortunately, the majority of the fabric we used is sold out so we will have fewer openings than we expected (hoped).  If you're on the list, you're fine.  If you're not on the list but would like to be, please e-mail ( or call (479) 372-7403.

Here's a couple close up photos of blocks to give you another view.

We're very excited about Yoko Saito's new book, Yoko Saito's Quilts & Projects from my Favorite Fabrics.  The book contains 28 projects including quilts and bags.  112 pages, $34.95

We expect delivery by Aug 24 and are taking pre-orders now.  Let us know if we can reserve a copy for you.

If you were disappointed to miss out Buttermilk Basin's "Give Thanks" kits, you'll be pleased to know we have cut more kits.  Your $79.95 kit includes the pattern, background fabrics, wool for applique, borders, and binding.  If you'd prefer to use your own fabrics, the pattern is $28.

We took a quick photo as Kay loaded the suitcases for her trip to Hot Springs Village......please excuse the wonky felt like 110 degrees outside so we didn't take great pains to get a perfect shot. 

We'll be back next week with more to inspire you.  Hope to see you soon.

Darlene and Debby

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Yazzi bags

If you've been to a large quilt show you've probably seen Yazzi bags.  We have known about them for quite some time, but since they're an Australian company felt shipping costs would make them too expensive.  We were very pleased when they opened an office in the US.  We fell in love with their craft roll up bag; we're not sure what it was originally designed to hold but we think it's perfect for holding Valdani thread.

As is often the case, we fall in love with products which are being discontinued.  Alas, our favorite bag is no longer being produced.  We contacted Yazzi and bought the few remaining bags in the world.

Here's our burgundy bag filled with thread (we have 1 burgundy bag left) bag you purchase will not contain thread or needles or'll be empty so you can fill it.
The bag rolls up and is closed with Velcro.  The outer and inner bag is soft fabric.  Zippers open and close with little effort.  We've had our bag over a year and the plastic hasn't yellowed or become brittle.  Cost is $34.95

The photo below shows the bag as it looks when it is closed.  Please note the color on our photograph is not a good representation of the actual bag color.  If color is important to you, please visit the Yazzi site to get a better idea of the actual color.  Yazzi bags  Of course, if you're local you can buzz in the shop and see the actual bag.  In addition to 1 burgundy and 1 black, we have several green, purple, teal, and navy bags.  Let us know which color we can reserve for you.
We also received our shipment of Quiltmania's Special Children's 2016 issue.  Don't let the title fool you -- there's several projects that would be wonderful for any age......who can resist owls, sheep, and turtles?!  $22.99
We also received the 4th installment to Crabapple Hill's Mystery of the Salem Quilt Guild.  This installment shows how to put everything together.  If you're on automatic to receive the pattern, Debby is processing your order.  If you're not and would like to get a pattern, please email ( or call 479-372-7403.  $10

For those who may not be familiar with this project, each panel is a separate pattern available for $10 each.  If you would like any (or all) panel patterns, let us know.
Meg also designed a companion piece to complement the quilt.  The pattern is for the image only (you decide how you want to finish yours).  Meg plans to finish hers as a pillow. The image size is 12" x 24 1/2".  Since this is an extra pattern, please let us know if you'd like it -- we won't just assume you want it.  Cost is $10.
Kay is doing a wool trunk show and workshop for the Village Quilt Guild in Hot Springs Village next week.  If you're planning to attend and would like her to be your personal shopper and bring you goodies, please email or call with your list by Sunday, August 7.  She will be packing on August 8.

The 29th annual Little Balkans Quilt Guild show in Pittsburg KS is right around the corner.  The show will be held Sep 2 (9:00-6:00) and Sep 3 (9:00-4:00) at the Memorial Auditorium, 503 N Pine.  Unfortunately, we dragged our feet and didn't get our vendor application submitted in time but we will definitely try to do better next year.  We'll miss seeing everyone in the Pittsburg area.  For more info about the show please visit

We hope to have photos of The Raven quilt in progress in the newsletter next week.  It's looking pretty awesome.  Hope to see you soon.

Darlene and Debby