Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Rebekah Smith patterns and kits


Several weeks ago, we shared news of the passing of Rebekah Smith.  We'd hoped her daughter would continue her mom's pattern business, but Kelsey has decided to step back and explore other interests.  Consequently, all Rebekah's patterns are now out of print.  This week we are featuring the patterns and kits we have available.  Since we have limited supplies, please e-mail info@sewgracefulquilting.com to reserve. 

The Sewing Book - pattern - $10
The Sewing Book - kit - $39.95 (includes the pattern, cottons, wool, adhesive boards to make the sewing book in the forefront)
Wild Flower Wooly pattern - $10
Sewing Roll Set Pattern - $10 
Kitty Sewing Caddy Pattern - $10
Kitty Sewing Caddy Kit - includes the pattern and wool - $24.95
Rebekah's books, published by C & T Publishing, are still available.  Kay made Rebekah's sewing stool from "Seasons of Wool Applique".  Kit includes the stool, wool, twine, decorative pin, printed twill tape, cotton fabric and chipboard. 

The pattern is not included and must be purchased separately.  Pattern is contained in the book Seasons of Wool Applique $29.95.

We have 3 kits left:  1 red stool, 2 mustard stools.
Wool Applique Folkart - $29.95
We are out of stock on this title but can order it.  The book was written by Rebekah and her daughter Kelsey.  $24.95
This week for our "when it's gone, it's gone" section are featuring our last kit for Choose Ye Liberty.  Your $26.95 kit includes the pattern, background cotton, wool for applique, borders and binding.  Quilt finishes 18 1/2" x 19 1/2"

Please e-mail info@sewgracefulquilting.com to reserve.  

This week for our Sample Sale, we are featuring "Santa Joy".  The quilt is a combination of piecing and wool applique.  If you look closely, you'll notice the word "Joy" is spelled.  Quilt measures 22" x 22".  $75 plus shipping. 

Please e-mail info@sewgracefulquilting.com to reserve.
See you soon!
Darlene and Debby

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