Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Blocks of the month: past, present and future


We hope 2021 is shaping up to be a great year for you and your loved ones.  We are optimistic things will return to what we consider normal and that we will be able to visit with many of you in the shop and during vending events.  

With a new year comes new goals....with us the new year signals the beginning of our annual $10 block of the month.  In addition to that program, we have two other blocks of the month starting during the first quarter.  

This week we want to devote the newsletter to blocks of the month:  present, future and past.  If you have participated in one of our blocks of the month in the past, please e-mail to sign up.  If you're new to our blocks of the month, please call 479-372-7403.  We will need your e-mail, mailing address and method of payment.  

Our 2021 $10 block of the month is "Birdsong".  We have made some changes to the pattern and your kits will include our changes.  The background fabrics are cotton and all the applique is wool.  The quilt finishes 35" x 35". 

The Birdsong block of the month will begin in January and run for 9 months.  Each month you'll receive fabric and wool to make one block; during the final month you'll receive borders and binding.  The cost for the first month will be $10 for the block and $18 for the pattern (plus shipping if you're not local).  Subsequent months are $10 plus shipping.

Please visit our website for details about additional recommended items to complete your quilt.  

If you'd prefer to purchase the entire project at one time, the cost is $108.
Sharon P made all the samples for "A Prairie Journey" block of the month which begins Feb 1 and runs for 12 months.  The quilts vary in size with the smallest being 12 1/2" square and the largest 30" square.  You'll be exposed to a variety of techniques including piecing, cotton applique and wool applique.  Each month you'll receive fabric for one quilt top and binding.  The book must be purchased separately.  Month 1 - $25.99 for the book and $19.95 for the quilt kit.  Months 2-12 - $19.95 for the quilt kit.  

Below are photos of 3 of the quilts you'll be making.  
The Santa, The Tree, The Turkey and Me by Hatched and Patched will begin in March and will run for 8 months.  That will give you time to get this darling quilt finished in time for the holiday season in 2021.  We chose Diamond Textile fabrics as our backgrounds and are using wool for applique.  Our stitching is done with Valdani perle cotton size 12.  The quilt finishes 36 1/2" x 41 1/2". 

Cost for this block of the month in $24.95 per month (plus shipping) for 8 months.  Each month you'll receive a pattern, fabric and wool.  Optional items include a Valdani thread kit, needles, stitchery stabilizer and Soft Fuse.  
The next blocks of the month are programs we offered in the past.  We have packaged these into kits and are selling them as a kit rather than a monthly program.  

Fairytale Cottage by Hand Made by Margott - $141.95 - includes the pattern, background cotton, wool for applique, materials to make the tabs and binding.  

We have 1 kit available so please e-mail to reserve.  
The Autumn Quilt by Heart to Hand - $269.95 - includes patterns, background cottons, wool for applique, borders and binding.  58" x 72"

We have 4 kits in stock.  You may e-mail to reserve or purchase on line
Seaside Town by Lynette Anderson - We have one kit which contains only the patterns and hand painted buttons (no fabrics).  $199.95

We have one kit containing the patterns, hand painted buttons, fabrics for the top (all cotton), borders and binding.  $229.95

Quilt finishes 34" x 44".  It is a combination of applique, embroidery, and simple piecing.  

Please e-mail to reserve your kit.
The Ark by Piece of Work- $120 - Includes pattern, background cottons, wool for applique and embellishment pack.  34" x 41"

We have 2 kits available.  Please e-mail or visit to purchase.
Midnight Silhouette by Blackbird Designs (pattern is out of print) - the quilt is all cotton - $174.95 - 68" x 84" 

We have 4 kits available so please e-mail to reserve or visit to purchase.
Pretty Petals by Sherry Howard - backgrounds are cotton and applique is wool.  Kit includes our changes.  - $99.95 - 43" x 43"

We have 1 kit so please e-mail to reserve.
A Blackbird Gathering by Cheri Payne (out of print).  The pattern was published in the Summer 2017 issue of Simply Vintage magazine.  We have kits with and without the pattern since some of you may have that magazine.  34 1/2" x 39 1/2"

Kit with pattern, fabric and wool - $137.99

Kit with fabric and wool (no pattern) - $120

Please e-mail or visit our website to purchase.  
Sleigh Bells by Jan Patek - the quilt is all cotton - 68 1/2" x 78 1/2" - $194.95

We have 4 kits available.  Please e-mail or visit our website to purchase.  
Tree of Life by Lynette Anderson - 32" x 36" - $124.95

Our background fabric is a Diamond Textile woven fabric.  Kit includes the pattern, fabrics for the top, wool for the flowers, binding and hand painted buttons.  

We have 4 kits available.  Please e-mail or visit our website to purchase.  
This week for our "when it's gone, it's gone" section, we are featuring a kit to make a darling quilt.  Fabrics in the kit are so soft.  Construction is super easy.  The quilt finishes 45" x 62".

We have 1 kit available.  Please e-mail to reserve.  

See you soon!

Darlene and Debby

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