Tuesday, September 18, 2018

New Quiltmania magazines and a fun fall project

Things are back to normal on the business side of the shop as Debby has returned from vacation.  She's been processing the auto ship orders for the Quiltmania magazines.  All three magazine titles arrived at one time so we've spent several hours browsing through and being inspired to want to make everything.

The fall issues of all 3 magazines tend to sell out so if you're not on auto ship, please let us know soon if you'd like us to reserve a copy for you.

Simply Vintage #28 features 21 projects ranging from a hooked rug to wool applique to embroidery to a stuffed mohair bear. $17.99
We adore the quilt on the cover of Quiltmania #127.  The magazine contains instructions for 7 projects as well as photos from the Sydney Quilt Show, the Vermont Quilt Festival and the International Dubai Quilt Show.  $13.99
Simply Moderne #14 contains instructions for 13 projects.  The cover quilt is very interesting -- we would probably shrink the pattern and do it in wool....just because a pattern uses contemporary fabrics doesn't mean it won't look great in our primitive look.  $17.99
To celebrate the first day of fall this weekend, we have made more kits of one of our favorite fall projects......ok.......we know we refer to many projects as our favorite project but we just can't help ourselves! 

"Autumn Time" by Norma of Timeless Traditions is so pretty it is almost a shame to pack it up after fall.  We have 2 versions available:  one version contains wool to make the ruffle; the other version contains fabric to make a binding finish instead of a ruffle.

Your $36.95 kit includes the pattern, assorted background cotton fabrics, outer border fabric, wool for applique, backing cotton and either binding fabric or wool for the outer ruffle.  The pillow finishes 12" x 22"

Please note some fabrics and wools will vary from the photo but they will be similar matches.
In the introduction of her "Wool Applique" book, Kathi Campbell writes "Maybe you have been doing wool applique for years, maybe you just got started, or maybe you have been wanting to start.....This booklet encompasses the basic tools, fibers and techniques used.....".  This 12 page booklet is a great resource.  If you're thinking of holiday gift giving, we suggest this booklet, a wool applique kit, package of needles and a set of Valdani perle cotton bobbins.
$5.95 for the booklet
By the time you read this Kay will be on her way to the Saline County Quilters' Guild show in Benton AR -- please note the show is in Benton, not Bentonville.  The show will be held at the Benton Event Center, 17322 I30 North on Sep 21 & 22 from 9:00-4:00 both days.  For more info visit http://quilttalk.org/
See you soon!

Darlene and Debby

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Lots of Stix projects

Could it be the cooler weather or perhaps it's the change in foliage that has us feeling like fall is just around the corner......or maybe it's the Saturday afternoon college football games.....or the quick glance at the calendar which shows the official start of fall as Sep 23.  Whatever it is, we are in the mood for stitching and sewing!

This week we want to share some fun kits from Front Porch Quilts.  These are all super easy and quick to stitch and finish.  The designer created them to be displayed on a "Stix" which is an 8", 10" or 12" metal stand.  Stix are a fun way to add height and dimension to a display.  Each is $4.95.

We have also seen these kits finished as pincushions, eyeglass holders and bowl fillers.  They'd make great Christmas gifts for friends and family.

Each finishes 3 1/2" x 7".  Kits include the pattern, background fabric, wool for applique and backing fabric.  Some kits also contain buttons.

Here's a photo of the Stix so you can visualize how these might be displayed.
Cotton Tails - $12.95
Blitzen - $12.95  Darlene's son was quick to point out he actually should be named Rudolph rather than Blitzen......and we agree.
A Winter's Morning - $12.95
Frosty - $15.95
Pumpkins - $15.95
Stix - $4.95 (sold separately)
Vintage Garden - $15.95
Watermelon - $15.95
Last but not least, we'd like to share an oldie but goodie kit - Kay designed Pumpkin Spice several years ago and it continues to be a customer favorite.  Orange fabrics set against black prints create an eye catching fall project.  Your $35.95 kit includes the pattern, fabrics for the quilt top (it is all cotton) and binding.  It finishes 31 1/2" x 31 1/2".

If you'd prefer to use your own fabrics, the pattern is available for $9.
Debby is taking a few days vacation and we can't wait to see what she comes home with.  See you soon!

Darlene and Debby

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

New fall needle punch magazine is here

Kay is back from another very fun quilt show.  She will return to Pittsburg Monday, April 15, 2019, for a trunk show and teaching event.  If you'd like more info about the event, please e-mail lbqguild@gmail.com.

Below are photos of the booth at the show.  As you can see, if there's a blank space Kay pretty much fills it with something.......

For those of you who are anticipating our next vending event, mark your calendars for Sep 21 & 22.  Kay will be at the Saine County Quilters' Guild show in Benton AR (that's near Little Rock).  For more info, visit http://quilttalk.org/
Several people were disappointed at the show when Kay ran out of the "Two Santas" table runner kit.  You can see the entire table runner if you look at the top photo above, right side above the cardinal quilt.  We are also including a photo from the pattern below.

Your $32.95 kit includes the Quiltmania magazine which contains the pattern, background cotton and applique materials (the leaves in the center are wool and the remainder is cotton).  It finishes 11" x 42".

If you'd prefer to use your own materials, the magazine is available for $13.99.
We absolutely adore what Bonnie Sullivan is doing with her preprinted panels.  All you have to do is add a little wool and embroidery.  "The Stocking were Hung" can be framed in a standard 8" x 10" frame or bound like ours.  Ours finishes 10" x 11 1/2".

Your $17.95 kit includes the preprinted background fabric, wool, binding and backing fabric.  If you'd like us to put together a thread kit, please let us know when you place your order.

The kit doesn't include any buttons -- the small red berries are printed on the fabric.  Debby simply stitched an "X" over them to give the impression of a button. 
Here's a photo of the preprinted background fabric.  Courtesy of All Thru the Night.
Needle punch is gaining popularity.  We are working to get more samples made.....but it's so difficult to choose what to punch.  Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher is the first needlework magazine created exclusively for primitive punch needle and cross stitch enthusiasts.  The fall issue contains 17 projects.  The photo below shows a few of our favorite punch needle projects.  The magazine also has several super cute primitive cross stitch projects.

If you're not interested in needle punch, think out of the box -- enlarge the pattern and create a wool applique project.

Let us know if we can reserve your copy.  $8.99
We're always so excited when people take our kit and change it to become their own.  When Debbie Walker bought our E-I-E-I-O kit she knew she had the perfect frame for it.  The only "problem" was the frame was a little longer than the pattern.  The photo on the left shows our version; the photo on the right shows Debbie's version (note the little E-I-E-I-O applique below the hay bale).

If you would like to make your own version, the E-I-E-I-O kit is available for $15.95.
We'll be back next Thursday with some new designs from Front Porch Designs.  See you soon!

Darlene and Debby

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Wooly Row by Row Project

A busy weekend is on the horizon.....first home football game for the Razorbacks so traffic in Fayetteville will be crazy......Frisco Festival in downtown Rogers so the downtown area will be crazy.  If you'll be in town for the game, why not plan a trip up to see us -- just keep in mind the congested downtown area.

Even better, why not avoid the hustle and bustle in NW Arkansas and make a short trip over to Pittsburg KS to see Kay at the Little Balkans Days quilt show?  The show will be held Fri, Aug 31 (9:00-5:00) & Sat, Sep 1 (9:00-4:00) at Memorial Auditorium, 503 N Pine.  For more info, visit http://littlebalkansfestival.com/

The first project we want to share is one of our favorites created by our friend Lynette Anderson.  "A Day Spent Sewing" pretty much sums up how we feel about our days spent sewing.  We have 2 options as far as kits go.  The $26.95 kit includes the pattern with full size tempates, fabrics as pictured, backing fabric and hand painted buttons.

The $17.95 kit includes the pattern with full size templates, fabrics as pictured and backing fabric.  No buttons are included. 

Project finishes 6 1/2" x 11 1/4". 
We know it's early but we just couldn't wait to share our Row by Row Wooly Block.  We are biased but we think it's adorable.  Unlike the "regular" row by row, you don't have to visit the shop to collect patterns.  We can mail them beginning October 1.   We are taking preorders for shipment beginning October 1.

Your $17.95 "Catch me if you Can" kit includes the pattern and wool to make the project.  It finishes 8" x 8".  For more info visit https://rowbyrowexperience.com/wooly-block-2/
Kay mounted our finished block on a burlap bag which we can include in your October shipment.  The bag measures 13.5" x 12" x 4.5".   Bag cost is $7.95.
Another new project is "Itty Bitty Pocket".  This adorable little bag and scissor/needle case would surely make your stitching buddy smile when it's tucked under her Christmas tree.  The pattern is by Cardiff Farms so is very well written.  $10 for the pattern

We haven't put together kits for this project but if you would like a kit, please let us know the colorway and we'll see what we can do. 
Next week we want to share some new kits we received from Front Porch Quilts.  Kay will have them at Pittsburg so if you stop by the booth be sure to ask to see them......they're very cute!
See you soon!

Darlene and Debby

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Words of advice

Now that the kids and grandkids are back in school, you may feel a sense of emptiness after a fun filled and busy summer.  You may also be wondering what handwork you can take as you participate in the many after school activities.  Debby recently finished a project that will be a great take along project.

"P. S. Don't Forget" contains advice we can all heed.  Debby changed the pattern to create a 16" x 20" wall hanging.  Your $24.95 kit includes the pattern (with our changes), fabrics for the top, binding and backing fabric.  Please excuse the photo quality -- we snapped it while we were on the run. 
Our shipment of Wool Works magazine arrived and we think it's the best issue yet.  Of course, we are partial to fall projects but this one is over the top.  We've included a collage of 4 of our favorite projects from this issue.  If you would like to reserve a copy, please let us know soon as fall issues tend to sell out quickly.  $10.99
Several people were disappointed when we sold out of our Pitter Patter kit at the Edmond quilt show.  We contacted the designer and she did a special printing to make more kits for us.  Your $19.95 kit includes the pattern prestamped on Sandcastle fabric, perle cotton for stitching, a needle, fabrics for the borders and binding.

If you'd prefer to use your own fabrics for the borders and binding, we have the prestamped background, perle cotton thread and needle available for $14.
One final thing before we close.....please let us know by Aug 28 if there's something you'd like Kay to bring with her to the quilt show in Pittsburg KS.  As a reminder, we will not be at the Springfield MO show in September so we encourage everyone who planned to shop with us in Springfield to take the short drive over to Pittsburg to see us.  The Little Balkans Festival and Quilt show will be held Fri, Aug 31 (9:00-5:00) & Sat, Sep 1 (9:00-4:00) at Memorial Auditorium, 503 N Pine.  For more info, visit http://littlebalkansfestival.com/
See you soon!

Darlene and Debby

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

One of our favorite pieced quilts

We are moving to the time of the year when the grass should be crunchy underfoot.  Instead, we are mowing every 5-7 days.  We're aren't complaining though -- these cooler temps have felt so nice.  With cooler temps, comes the thought of fall.  This week we want to share a couple of projects to get you in the mood for fall.

As many of you know, we specialize in applique quilts but occasionally enjoy making a pieced quilt.  "Humble Hands" was such a fun quilt to make.  The Bears Paw blocks are super quick and easy and playing with beautiful fabric in rich shades of red, gold, orange, brown and green is even more fun.  Your $99.94 kit includes the Quiltmania magazine with the pattern, fabric for the top, borders and binding.  The quilt finishes 58 1/2" x 70".
Since we associate crows with fall, we thought it was appropriate to include the "Crow" pincushion kit in the newsletter this week.  The kit is marked as a pincushion but everyone is using pin cushions as bowl fillers these days.  Your "Crow" kit includes the pattern, fabric for the top, wool for applique, cotton backing fabric and the key.  Finishes 3 1/2" x 5 1/2".  $8.95

Please note - we buy these kits made by the designer so fabrics and keys will vary with each kit.  
The last kit we'd like to share has been around for a while but it's definitely worth mentioning.  We're sure many of you can relate to the sentiment expressed on the "Wicked Chickens" small quilt.  Your $16.95 kit includes the pattern, background cotton, wool for applique, backing fabric, binding and buttons.  Please note that some wool and fabric will vary from the photograph.

The patterns suggests finishing it as a pincushion but we chose to finish ours to display on a 6" Ackfeld stand.  Let us know if we can reserve a stand for you $19.95.  
Our shipment of Simply Vintage magazines is on the way.  We can't wait to see what the fall issue holds.  Of course, we will share contents next week.

See you soon!

Darlene and Debby

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

New fall projects

Another very fun and inspiring quilt vending event has come and gone.  Kay had a wonderful time being pampered by the Edmond quilt guild members.  For your planning purposes, our next vending event is Aug 31-Sep 1 in Pittsburg KS at the Little Balkans Festival.  For more info visit http://littlebalkansfestival.com/.

Kay unpacked and reorganized and freshened up the shop.  Since many of you can't stop by, we thought it would be nice to share photos of some of the highlights of the shop. 
"October Garden" is our newest sample.  It was a big hit in Edmond and has gathered attention from as far away as Australia.  Your $66.95 kit includes the pattern, background fabrics (all are Diamond Textiles fabrics), wool for applique (the half circle shapes on the top & bottom borders are fabric) and binding.  The quilt finishes 36" x 40".

Please note that a couple of the wools are not longer available and are being substituted. 
We've been fans of Kim Diehl for years and were super excited to receive her newest book, Simple Whatnots.  It contains 18 projects from Kim's Simple Whatnots Club, previously available only as individual patterns.  Kim covers easy techniques for petite patchwork, invisible machine applique and wool applique.  These are great projects if you're looking for quilts that use lots of scraps and are quick to finish.

Let us know if we can reserve a copy for you or you can order via our website https://sewgracefulquilting.com/.  $29.99
If you start working on "Harvest Blessings" now, you'll have it quilted and ready for display far in advance of the fall season.  Your $18.95 kit includes the pattern (with our changes), fabrics for the top, wool for applique, stitchery stabilizer and binding.  It finishes 16" x 16". 
For those of you following Mom's snake saga -- apparently it has left the premises.  The house has been fogged and and sprayed -- we haven't seen any trace of the little critter.  Hopefully he's out in the woods enjoying life and allowing Mom to enjoy her life.

We'll be back next week to share more to inspire you.  See you soon!

Darlene and Debby