Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Yazzi bags

If you've been to a large quilt show you've probably seen Yazzi bags.  We have known about them for quite some time, but since they're an Australian company felt shipping costs would make them too expensive.  We were very pleased when they opened an office in the US.  We fell in love with their craft roll up bag; we're not sure what it was originally designed to hold but we think it's perfect for holding Valdani thread.

As is often the case, we fall in love with products which are being discontinued.  Alas, our favorite bag is no longer being produced.  We contacted Yazzi and bought the few remaining bags in the world.

Here's our burgundy bag filled with thread (we have 1 burgundy bag left) bag you purchase will not contain thread or needles or'll be empty so you can fill it.
The bag rolls up and is closed with Velcro.  The outer and inner bag is soft fabric.  Zippers open and close with little effort.  We've had our bag over a year and the plastic hasn't yellowed or become brittle.  Cost is $34.95

The photo below shows the bag as it looks when it is closed.  Please note the color on our photograph is not a good representation of the actual bag color.  If color is important to you, please visit the Yazzi site to get a better idea of the actual color.  Yazzi bags  Of course, if you're local you can buzz in the shop and see the actual bag.  In addition to 1 burgundy and 1 black, we have several green, purple, teal, and navy bags.  Let us know which color we can reserve for you.
We also received our shipment of Quiltmania's Special Children's 2016 issue.  Don't let the title fool you -- there's several projects that would be wonderful for any age......who can resist owls, sheep, and turtles?!  $22.99
We also received the 4th installment to Crabapple Hill's Mystery of the Salem Quilt Guild.  This installment shows how to put everything together.  If you're on automatic to receive the pattern, Debby is processing your order.  If you're not and would like to get a pattern, please email ( or call 479-372-7403.  $10

For those who may not be familiar with this project, each panel is a separate pattern available for $10 each.  If you would like any (or all) panel patterns, let us know.
Meg also designed a companion piece to complement the quilt.  The pattern is for the image only (you decide how you want to finish yours).  Meg plans to finish hers as a pillow. The image size is 12" x 24 1/2".  Since this is an extra pattern, please let us know if you'd like it -- we won't just assume you want it.  Cost is $10.
Kay is doing a wool trunk show and workshop for the Village Quilt Guild in Hot Springs Village next week.  If you're planning to attend and would like her to be your personal shopper and bring you goodies, please email or call with your list by Sunday, August 7.  She will be packing on August 8.

The 29th annual Little Balkans Quilt Guild show in Pittsburg KS is right around the corner.  The show will be held Sep 2 (9:00-6:00) and Sep 3 (9:00-4:00) at the Memorial Auditorium, 503 N Pine.  Unfortunately, we dragged our feet and didn't get our vendor application submitted in time but we will definitely try to do better next year.  We'll miss seeing everyone in the Pittsburg area.  For more info about the show please visit

We hope to have photos of The Raven quilt in progress in the newsletter next week.  It's looking pretty awesome.  Hope to see you soon.

Darlene and Debby

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