Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Great travel projects

Spring quilt market begins tomorrow and runs through Sunday in Salt Lake City.  Tonight is Sample Spree which is insanely crazy.....imagine hundreds of people scurrying to grab up fabric and patterns.....all trying to be the first to have a fabric or pattern.  Maybe we're getting old but we are content to skip that craziness for a while -- our idea of fun is stitching.
Since many of you are looking toward summer and traveling we thought we'd share some great travel projects.  These all include prestamped fabric, floss, and a needle -- all you need to add is a pair of scissors for snipping threads.  We'd recommend the small travel scissors for $2.75.  At that price, you can stick a pair in each project and not have to fret if a pair drops between the car seat into the area where it's impossible to retrieve know "that" area (insert smile here). 
We stitched "A House Unkept".  The background fabric is quilted and is the same fabric included in each kit we'll be sharing.  8" x 10" - $14
We know many of you with pets can relate to the next two kits.  "Cat Hair" finishes 6 1/2" x 10" for $14.......
.....and "Doggie Feet" which finishes 5 1/2" x 10" and costs $14.
"Let us be Silent" finishes 8" x 10" for $16. 
"Friendship" finishes 5" x 7" for $11.  What a wonderful gift for a special someone!
"Christmas Tree" finishes 19" x 21".  The button is included.  Kit is $18
Darlene stitched and finished "Out of the Scraps" into a very nice wall hanging or table mat.  Your $29.95 kit includes the pre-stamped background fabric, thread, needle, fabric to make the top and binding.
Any of the stitched pieces could easily be finished as a small quilt.  We'll be happy to help you put something together.

Before we close we have to share a couple books available for pre-order.  Kathy Schmitz' new book "Stitches from the Garden" looks like a winner.  It's due out mid-June and we'll be happy to reserve a copy for you.  $24.99
Bonnie Sullivan's book "A Change of Seasons" is due out mid-September.  We've never been disappointed with one of her books and expect this one will also be wonderful.  $27.99
This turned out longer than we expected but we had a lot we wanted to share.  We'll be back next Thursday with a really darling Halloween quilt.  See you soon.

Darlene and Debby

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