Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Button Club, New Blackbird Designs, New Desklamps

Holidays are over and we are looking forward to a fun 2016.  We've got some projects up our sleeves that we hope will bring a smile to your face and inspire you.  We'll share them as we finish them -- it's that only 24 hours in a day thing that's stopping us.

This week's newsletter is all about things that are coming....some are coming rather soon and some will be coming later this year.

As many of you know, we carry Lynette Anderson books, patterns, and buttons.  We love her whimsical look and are always excited to see new things from her.  We are very excited to offer her newest button club, Anderson Farm.  It is a ten part mystery BOM combining piecing and applique.  The quilt finishes approximately 32" x 46".  The program will start in March.

Each month you will receive a pattern and a hand painted wooden button.  Since the buttons are individually hand painted, there is a very limited number available.  We are also offering an option to purchase the pattern, button, and fabric.  Cost per month for the pattern and button option is $16.95 plus shipping.  Cost for the pattern, button, and fabric is $19.95 plus shipping.
While we're on the subject of Lynette, we want to let you know we have a few openings left in her Love Letters block of the month.  Call or e-mail if you'd like to sign up for this block of the month (or we can mail the entire kit all at once if you'd prefer).
Several weeks ago we told you about Blackbird Designs' upcoming book.  That was based on a conversation with Alma at quilt market. It appears a book is being replaced by patterns.  We'd prefer a book...hint....hint...Alma....but are happy to see Alma and Barb designing once again.

Patterns won't be out until May but we are taking preorders now.  "Secret Garden" is so typically Blackbird with the large, easy to applique shapes.  The quilt finishes 72" x 72".  Pattern is $16.
We like Secret Garden but we love, love, love The Raven pattern.  We can see it made with Diamond Textiles and some Primitive Gatherings, Kim Diehl, and Jeanne Horton thrown in the mix.  Sigh.....that 24 hour a day thing is getting in the way.  The quilt finishes 68" x 68".  Pattern is $28.

Just give a call or e-mail and we'll hold either or both patterns for you.  They'll both be released in May.
Hopefully Santa didn't leave a lump of coal in your stocking.  If he did and you want a really nice, inexpensive way to soothe your hurt feelings, this next product is for you.  If you were lucky and got everything you wanted from Santa, you can still get in on this deal 'cause it's too good to pass up.

Yesterday our sweet fabric rep from EE Schenck stopped by and showed us this great light.  It features LED lighting so is incredibly bright with a low and high setting.  It includes 4 AAA batteries but also has a cord that allows it to be plugged directly into a USB port -- how cool is that?!  It's 1 1/2" high x 5" wide when folded; 12 3/4" high fully extended.  Currently it's offered in red, white, or black (purple won't arrive until March).  We have a shipment of red, white, and black lamps on the way with an expected delivery next week.

If you're like us, you're thinking yeah that's a neat gadget but bet it's way too expensive.  Hold on to your hat -- it's only $14.99.  For that price you can afford to put one in each of your stitching bags, one next to each of your sewing machines, one in your kitchen, one in each get the idea.....they're very versatile.

Give us a call or e-mail with the number of lamps you'd like and your choice of colors. 
Sandy, our EE Schenck lady, also showed us the most adorable Halloween fabric.  We couldn't resist and ordered some.  Since this is getting long, we'll wait until next week to share what we ordered.

Before we go we'd like to mention the the NWA Quilt Club sponsored by the Rogers Sewing Center.  The first meeting will be Tues, Jan 12 at 5:45 with Darlene as the featured speaker.  Bring your current quilting project to share.  The Sewing Center is located at 1802 S 8th St (Hiway 71B South).  For more info, you can visit their website at we're really closing.  See you soon.

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